Day of Honor – May 28th

Sponsored by the National Association for Black Veterans, Inc., Washington State Command Council

It is time once again to celebrate the accomplishments of minority veterans and women who participated in WWII.   Columnist Walter Cronkrite referred to these heroes as, “America’s Greatest Generation.  A Presidential Proclamation established the 25th Day of May as the “National Day of Honor”.  Today, almost thirty percent of the military are minorities and women.   The National Association for Black Veterans, Inc. Washington State Command Council will host Day of Honor for all veterans.

When:  28 May 2011

Place:  Bethlehem Baptist Church                           
            4818 Portland Ave
            Tacoma, WA 98404
Time:   1:30Pm. – 4  p.m.

African Americans
1.2 Million Served in WWII

 Asian American
50,000 Served in WWII

Hispanic American
300,000 Served in WWII

Native Americans
20,000 Served in WWII

Pacific Islander Americans
6,000 Served in WWII

Native Alaskans

Click here for printable 2011-Day-of-Honor-flyer

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