Guest Speaker for Saturday, September 1st

Kenneth B. Cox and Chuck Powers from Caring Concepts will be our guest speaker on Saturday, September 1st.

Kenneth B. Cox, CEO of Caring Concepts, is a Veteran from the Vietnam Era and recognized Mortgage Banker for over thirty five years. He accepted his wife’s challenge. He started to research all of the ‘Stop Smoking Tools’ that are on the market, both old and new. He was quickly introduced to the Electronic Cigarette also called a “Personal Vaporizer”. After some trial and error he found the product and support that helped him meet his wife’s challenge. Within six weeks of this discovery Mr. Cox, a smoker of over forty years, became a non-smoker. He shared his new found success with his business partner and friend of over seventeen years, Charles A. Powers. Mr. Powers is a highly successful real estate broker who lost both his Father and Grandfather to Emphysema. Together they started to research ways to get the correct information out to the public, but in order for this to happen they needed help. So, they contacted a business associate, the third part of our leadership team, Kevin D. Vig, a gifted researcher and health enthusiast.

Mr. Cox has taught and represented the Armed Forces for over three decades, and Mr. Powers who has strong affiliations to the Military as well, felt it was a natural and necessary move to start with the US ARMY. Within weeks the concepts and our key products were welcomed at all levels of service, Including the US NAVY and THE US AIR-FORCE as well. The MOVEMENT has begun!

Chuck Powers has been studying real estate and 0 down financing for over 25yrs. He has owned operated and sold two business starting with $150 and a lot of work.  He has been a professional real estate broker for 18 yrs.  He prides himself on being a true buyers agent with a specialty of 0 down 0 closing costs and debt pay of transactions for vets.  He has worked with Ken for almost the entire 18yrs.  He is the only other person Ken has ever allowed to teach the home buying class. Chuck holds a CSP designation and have been in the top 10% of real estate agents in the Pierce county area. He has been listed in several Who’s Who publications.  Chuck holds to the concept and belief that there is nothing he can do to say thank you enough, to my military men and women and their families than to give them his best and teach them every thing I can and encourage them in every area. The sacrifice they make and the benefits this country reap is beyond words.

Caring Concepts LTD is a four year old marketing company with a mission for the future; “A Smoke Free America and beyond!”

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