NABVETS has been a veterans’ advocacy organization and has addressed the unmet needs of minority and economically disadvantaged veterans since its inception in 1973. For over 25 years NABVETS has led the challenge to call attention to the plight of veterans who have been victims of Agent Orange, Post Traumatic Stress, less than honorable discharges, amnesty for Vietnam era veterans, homelessness and a myriad of other veterans concerns.

Along with its claims services staff, NABVETS works in collaboration with the National Veterans Legal Service Program, the most prominent law firm in representing veterans claims.

NABVETS claims services department provides:

  • Filing and processing of VA claims
  • Discharge upgrade assistance
  • Advocacy and supportive services
  • Power of Attorney NABVETS Centralized Claims Reveiw
    In order to provide the best quality claims service available, NABVETS has centralized the claims review and quality assurance function into one location. All claims will be reviewed by our highest trained experts prior to submission to the Department of Veterans Affairs. This oversight will provide the best possible opportunity for positive adjudication of the initial claim. The new system is an electronic database, retrievable by our veteran’s service representatives at your request. Those veterans filing claims, please call 1.866.548.7303 to begin the claims process.
    To download your power of attorney letter, click here:
    Power of Attorney Form 21-22

    ** Please Notice: if you are a veterans   and   have  VA claim on file with VA you need to follow up on your  VA Claim by going  to
    ** Also view this YouTube video – The benefits of working with a VSO to submit an FDC

    Thank you for your service to our country.

    If you live east of the Mississippi River please mail or fax your power of attorney letter to:

      ATTN: Danny McKenzie
      PO Box 11432
      Milwaukee, WI 53211
      Phone: 866.548.7303
      Fax: 414.562.6455

    If you live west of the Mississippi River, please mail your power of attorney letter to:

    If your claim is in the appeals process, please mail or fax your power of attorney letter to:

      ATTN: Larry Stokes
      4014 Georgia Avenue NW
      Washington, DC 20011
      Phone: 202.723.0800
      Fax: 202.723.0886