“Veterans in Unity with Community”

 NABVETS provides a desperately needed voice to men and women veterans across the country who are in need of services and whose livelihoods depend on assistance from the very country they fought to protect. The veterans engaged in our programming are often families whose income earnings are well below the federal poverty level and face daily struggles against service-related disabilities such as PTSD, addictions, chronic homelessness, unemployment and more information on the web site. 

  • A nationally certified Veterans Service Organization and a United States Department of Veterans Affairs claims representative for the purpose of benefits and discharge upgrade services;
  • A membership organization with membership and chapters throughout the United States and Puerto Rico;
  • Working in unity with the community to end homelessness, empower low-income and minority veterans and working with disadvantaged youth;
  • Preserving the historical contributions of minority veterans, such as the Congressionally approved National Day of Honor (May 25th);
  • Advocating for amnesty for Vietnam era veterans;
  • Publishing the Eclipse Magazine (established in 1974 as Eclipse Newspaper);
  • Calling attention to the needs of homeless and economically disadvantaged veterans;
  • Developing affordable permanent housing for all low-income veterans and non-veterans;
  • Rising to the challenge of addressing amnesty for Vietnam veterans and youth development in the community;
  • Providing incarcerated veteran services;
  • Providing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Agent Orange and behavioral health counseling through IVOCC Behavioral Health Clinic;
  • Operating Veterans United for Community Services (VUCS), a nationally acclaimed program of NABVETS that brings veterans, today’s ‘citizen soldiers,’ to the table in overcoming barriers facing America’s growing population of low-income and homeless veterans and the problems faced by youth. Since 1995, VUCS members have volunteered over 400,000 hours of community service, at least 70% of these hours dedicated to working with youth.

How to get involved with Let’s Build Something Together campaign:
Please go www.washingtonstatecommandcouncil.org and click on the donate button below, or mail your contribution to Commander Regional1, 5515 Steilacoom Blvd, Lakewood, WA 98499.  Make  check payable to NABVETS.
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Homeless Veteran
Veteran with PTSD/No legs