Nabvets Eclipse Radio/ ECLIPSE Magazine IN DIGITAL FORMAT

at the link below and then share it with everyone you know!,  See our membership  tab detail in support of all veterans!

 This is a reminder to join us now on the new NABVETS Eclipse Radio Station headquartered in Milwaukee, WI 24/7. We are streaming around the world to our listeners. Presently you will hear not only great RB/Blues/Classic/CW and Jazz music but also excellent information about issues impacting the lives of all veterans particularly African American/Black Veterans. There will also be live interviews with NABVETS founders and other experts on veterans? issues. Grab your computers, I-phones, tablets and smartphones and go to to join us. Also please pass this information to US veterans and friends of veterans around the world.   Also please join me in congratulating the founders of the station– Misters William Sims, K?uu Wamubu, Frank Beamon and yours truly. We also invite you to review both our website at for other pertinent veteran?s information and look out for the next edition of our Eclipse national nagazine. Do not miss the motivational recording from our National Commander, Mr. Richard Kornegay. A full schedule of daily interviews and other information for the station will be forthcoming. Thanks, Richard Rodgers, NDOD, NABVETS Milwaukee, WI.

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