NABVETS announces Women’s Chapter in San Diego

For Immediate Release 

Women Veterans Group Chapter 71 Being Installed with Special Guest Speaker and Chairman of the House of Representatives Veterans Affairs Committee, Congressman Bob Filner

San Diego, California     December 2, 2010

 Contact:  Karla Fox-Anderson 619-825-5757


                  Website:  www.NABVETS.Org

 Women Veterans are often underserved when being celebrated and recognized as important contributors to our country’s freedom.  The installation of the new NABVETS Women’s Chapter, San Diego, the first in the State of California, will be an honorable recognition and celebration of ALL Women Veterans!

 Join California’s First Women’s Chapter of NABVETS for this historical event, as they become officially installed as the 71st Chapter and handed over by Special Guest Speaker, Congressman Bob Filner.  It takes place Saturday, December 18, 2010 at the Historic Balboa Park Club, inside the Santa Fe Room.  2150 Pan American Rd W, San Diego, California 92101.  The installation begins at 11 am.  Refreshments will be served.

 NABVETS (National Association of Black Veterans) was started in 1969 by seven Vietnam veterans.  Their mission was to address issues concerning Black and other minority veterans.  NABVETS now recognizes a need to help Women Veterans overcome these same issues todayPart of NABVETS’ purpose is to assist other veterans with employment and job training, accessing services, VA medical assistance, claims & benefits, homeless outreach, and more.  NABVETS is now over 70 chapters strong with eight State Commands and still growing.  To learn more about the rich history of NABVETS, visit

 Please note, the new Women’s Chapter in San Diego is open to ALL Women Veterans, regardless of race, creed or color.  The men’s 72nd Chapter is also being installed at this event.

 Directions: Once you reach Park Blvd, turn onto Inspiration Way, in the opposite direction of the President’s Way Sign, which is at the stop light. Continue to the stop sign where you can go straight into the parking lot. The Balboa Park Club is located straight ahead in the South Palisades area of Balboa Park, just north of the Puppet Theatre.